YC Fall Hackathon

Hi Everyone, are you excited for the YC Hackathon next Weekend?

​We saw that there was quite some activity in the team-formation channel on Slack and we reached out to Craig Cannon to ask if it would be ok to offer some help.

That is why today we would like to offer our “cofounder matching” service to all YC Hackathon participants (solo and teams) who are looking for teammates. We simply ask you to fill out this form below and we will reach out to you with your top 5 recommendations over the course of the next week. By participating here, you can spend time on more important things: building something people want! At the same time you would really help us to stress test out current assumptions and also our approach of identifying matching cofounders, based on data.

Why are we offering this?

The “service” will of course be free for you, we really benefit of testing our current assumptions and data-points that we derived so far from interviewing 20+ founders, who are or were part of a successful founding team of 2 or 3 cofounders and went on to raise significant A or B series financing rounds or even exited already. We are participating with this project in this year’s YC Startupschool and are now looking forward to test our model, which we built over the last few weeks.

We believe in 2018 there should be a better way of connecting the right talent with each other for the next big thing than only luck, e.g. being at the right point at the right time to meet a good match!

We really hope you help us to help you and we are very excited to meet many of you in person next week! Feel free to send any questions to cofounder (at) mit (dot) edu, we will try to answer everything as quickly as possible.

Find your right CoFounder!


What have you done so far and in which industry do you  want to start your next venture?


Where are you located now and where will you be for the next 12 months?  


Tell us a bit about you, what do you value most in life? 

Stage in Life

Did you start a company before or recently graduated? Tell us. 


What excites you personally and professionally?  


What is your formal education and hands-on skills?

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